Dodge Ram Ecodiesel 3.0L Custom OBD Delete Tuner


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Elevate Your Drive with the NomadPro Tuner

Experience superior vehicle performance with the NomadPro Tuner, your essential tool for precision OBD programming. Designed specifically for performance tuning, this advanced device lets you safely adjust your vehicle’s ECU parameters for DPF EGR and SCR, boosting horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. Featuring a user-friendly, high-resolution color touchscreen, the NomadPro Tuner makes navigation simple and efficient. With its robust backup and restore functions, you have the flexibility to revert to original settings whenever needed. Transform your Dodge Ram with the NomadPro Tuner – the ultimate blend of performance, control, and reliability.

If your vehicle is currently tuned and you’re interested in transitioning to our tune, we can help. Please let us know in the additional comments section during check out.

Note: 2018+ Model Vehicle’s Require a security bypass  module (Not Included).


Overview of Nomad Performance Tuner for Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

Enhance Your Driving with Advanced Technology
Experience seamless navigation with the NomadPro Tuner. Designed with a high-resolution color touchscreen, this user-friendly device is specifically tailored for the Dodge Ram 1500 EcoDiesel.

Key Features

Dynamic ECU Tuning
Unlock the full potential of your vehicle. Our in-house developed NomadPro offers customized ECU tuning, boosting horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. Moreover, it effectively removes DPF, DEF, EGR, and SCR systems, ensuring all dashboard messages and warnings are cleared.

Exclusive Trans Swift Tune
Complement your engine’s power with precision. The NomadPro Trans Swift Tune, crafted for the Dodge Ram’s 8-speed automatic transmission, refines your transmission’s responsiveness for sharper shifting. Enjoy this added feature at no extra cost for a harmonized driving experience.

Additional Benefits

Secure and Portable
Protect your data with top-level encryption that safeguards communications between the device and your vehicle’s ECU. Its compact and lightweight design makes the NomadPro Tuner an ideal companion for travel, allowing you to perform on-the-spot adjustments.

Real-Time Monitoring and Easy Installation
Stay informed with real-time diagnostics that monitor essential engine parameters. Plus, enjoy a straightforward, plug-and-play installation that even novices can manage.

Legal and Safety Information

Notice for Buyers: By purchasing this service, you confirm that you acknowledge and agree that this modification is intended for OFF-ROAD use only and may not comply with local road use regulations. By proceeding, you fully acknowledge and accept all responsibility for the use of this product, including its legality and any potential effects. Use of this service for on-road vehicles could be illegal and is entirely at your own risk.


Additional information


StockPower – (Race Exhaust Required), Stage 1 +40HP (Race Exhaust Required), Stage 2 +60HP (Race Exhaust Required)


NomadPro Trans Tune


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